Since 2012, the Emerging Voices ventures consisted of two components: a distance learning phase and a face-to-face phase. This week marks the beginning of the distance coaching phase of the EV 2014 venture. The distance learning component is built up of nine elements; four of these being thematic discussions where the EVs will participate in discussion forums guided by a facilitator around topics like Universal Health Care and People-centered health systems. The other five modules are (i) introduction (ii) mind mapping (iii) multimedia principles (iv) presentation and (v) poster. The EVs will be asked to produce several outputs, namely a V-card (an extended business card used for networking), a mind map, a presentation (which can be made with PowerPoint, Prezi or any other presentation software) and finally a scientific poster. The distance coaching will run until mid September, so altogether it lasts 16 weeks. It will feed in to the face-to-face training that will take place in Cape Town, at the campuses of the University of Western Cape.

The platform used for the distance coaching is Moodle, the open source e-learning management platform that was also used for the distance component of the EV2013 and EV2012 trainings. The distance coaching phase is a collective effort of many e-learning coordinators, researchers, lecturers and facilitators, some of whom are EV alumni from former ventures.

We wish all EV 2014 lots of success during the training!

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