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In 2016, continuing with the tradition of partnering with a significant health systems research symposium, we shall be having a new edition of EV4GH in close association and partnership with the 4th Global Symposium on health systems research (Vancouver symposium), organised by Health Systems Global. The theme for the Vancouver symposium is Resilient and responsive Health Systems for a changing worldThe symposium will take place from 14-18 November, 2016 at Vancouver.

2015 has been an important year for EV4GH. We now have a new globally representative governance structure as well as a new secretariat. Read more about the new governance structure and the secretariat in the updated About section of the website. We announced these changes on the updated News section of our website.

For EV4GH 2016 ,we will select young researchers who seek to become global health advocates and/or local change agents in their regions/countries. Spread the word and share the call with researchers, institutions and other global and local platforms.

The EV4GH 2016 call can also be downloaded as a PDF from the link below.

EV 2016 call PDF

Who can apply?

We are looking for young researchers, health professionals, decision or policy-makers and/or  – brokers, or practitioners born on or after 1 January 1976

(As in previous EV editions, though, the focus will be on young health policy & health systems researchers)

Applicants must have at least two of the following:

  • A Master’s degree in health or a health-related field
  • Be enrolled in a doctoral-level programme in health or a health-related field
  • At least two year work or research experience in public health or development
  • Experience and/or knowledge working in LMICs

Most of the new EVs will be selected individuals (as was the case in previous ventures), but paired applications (comprising a researcher and a decision maker/knowledge broker) are also possible this time. A limited number of young decision makers/knowledge brokers will be added to the mix of EVs, through these paired applications  (whereby young researcher applicants already suggest a decision maker/knowledge broker they often work with in their country).

The primary focus will be on applicants from the Global South, but candidates from the North can also apply (they need to have relevant field experience in the South, though, and preferably work on health policy & systems research in the South).

The EV4GH program is in English. Participants thus need a good command of English to participate.

If you fit this profile and you can participate in the EVGH2016 training, including a full three week period in Vancouver from 31 Oct -20 Nov 2016, you are invited to apply.


  • Abstract (Title of maximum 25 words + an abstract of maximum 400 words). (In line with the Vancouver Symposium call, we also accept abstracts in French and Spanish. If your abstract is in French/Spanish, though, also submit a translation (in English))
  • Short CV(maximum two A4 pages); if you want, you can also add the link to a short (e.g. Youtube) video explaining the work you’re doing & research (optional)
  • A well-elaborated motivation letter (maximum 400 words) explaining why you want to participate in the EV4GH 2016 training. The motivation letter is crucial and must argue convincingly why you are an excellent Emerging Voice candidate. Explain your key strengths and areas you still need to work on. The motivation letter should include 2 references (name, contact details).
  • A forceful and well-argued essay (1000-1500 words) related to the theme of the Vancouver Symposium “Resilient and responsive health systems for a changing world” (for more info on the theme, see also HS Global)

(Remark: motivation letter and essay can also be written in French or Spanish 

No other languages (than English, French or Spanish) are allowed.

(Applicant + decision maker or knowledge broker) For the applicant, the motivation letter should state why and how it will be beneficial for both you and the decision maker/knowledge broker to participate.

  • Abstract (Title of maximum 25 words + an abstract of maximum 400 words)
  • Short CV (maximum two A4 pages)
  • An essay (reflection) on policy implementation (or brokering) challenges experienced in the work context. (Maximum 1500 words)

How to apply?

Kindly note: applications closed for the same


Application via submission of an Abstract

Title of maximum 25words + an abstract of maximum 400 words  through the Vancouver Symposium website

Send a mail to ev4gh@iphindia.org containing 4 attachments

1) The (same) abstract you submitted to the symposium (+ translated abstract, if abstract in French or Spanish) 2) Short CV 3) Motivation letter (only one needed for paired application)  4) Essay

Complete both steps of the application process by this deadline

Travel grants:

A limited number of travel grants can be awarded to Emerging Voices who lack sufficient financial means for participation. There will be some full grants, and also partial grants.

For further information visit the EV4GH website.

What does Emerging Voices 2016 track offer to EVs?

  • Develop writing, presentation, moderation, networking, social media and other communication skills through innovative training formats (during the distance and Face-to-Face stages), to enable publication in journals, global health blogs or on social media and become more effective on the global stage
  • Test the newly acquired skills in a pre- conference (with some invited senior researchers & policy makers)
  • Introduce and advance young health system researchers’ content knowledge about global health governance, health policy & systems research and other related topics, including via interaction with senior people in the field during the Face-to-Face stage
  • Facilitate participation of young health  researchers, decision makers and other health system professionals and change makers in the Vancouver Symposium (including via posters, oral presentations, social media and as rapporteurs)
  • Network with other young researchers, professionals, peers as well as senior researchers, policy makers and experts in health systems and Global health
  • Involve Alumni EVs in capacity building and national & international partnership
  • Become part of the Emerging Voices for Global Health Network with members working all over the world, and receive information on opportunities to participate in workshops, courses and conferencesp

Expected Outcomes

EV 2016 Expected outputs for each Emerging Voice participant:

Poster presentation

Oral presentation during pre-conference (in an innovative format)

Active participation inthe Vancouver Symposium

(Optional) video of your oral presentation (Camtasia or alternative)

Blogs and publications


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