Emerging Voices for Global Health

About the Emerging Voices for Global Health

Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) is an innovative multi-partner blended training program for young, promising and emerging health policy & systems researchers, decision makers and other health system actors with an interest to become influential global health voices and/or local change makers. EV4GH coaches “Emerging Voices” to participate actively in international conferences where global health issues are addressed and to raise their voice in scientific and policy debates. The EV4GH program is managed by an internationally representative governance committee consisting of EV alumni elected by previous EV4GH participants and several invited (liaison) members from EV partner institutes.

What is the EV4GH training?

For both tracks, the full EV4GH 2020 venture consists of:

  1.  E-coaching and distance learning in preparation of a face-to-face training (August – October 2020)
  2. Face-to-face training: scientific presentation, networking and communication skills coaching using innovative formats, and content training & field visit to the local health system facilities in Dubai, UAE (28 October – 6 November 2020)
  3. Young researchers (& other changemakers’) pre-conference (7 Novemeber 2020)
  4. Participation in the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (Dubai, 8-12 November 2020)
  5. Wrap-up – focusing on Emerging ‘beyond Dubai’ (Dubai, 13 November 2020)
  6. Membership of EV4GH network and other thematic working groups of Health Systems Global
Who can apply? 
There will be two tracks for which participants can apply to be an EV 2020. While one track is reserved for researchers involved in health policy and systems research, the other track seeks to attract health professionals, activists, decision or policy-makers and/or other health systems actors. In case of any difficulty, please write to EV Secretariat at  ev4gh.iphindia.org.

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