Overview & Purpose

This is a call for expressions of interest for EV alumni (from batches 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016) to participate in a panel at the 10th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (see http://www.ectmih2017.be/).

The organisers of ECTMIH would like to have a vibrant and collaborative panel put together by young researchers at the Congress.

Do check first the general info on a call for organized sessions http://www.ectmih2017.be/call-for-proposals-for-organised-sessions/

A key paragraph: “The format of an Organised Session preferably follows the one of the regular programme, i.e. four to so six presentations followed by questions and discussion. However, also alternative or combined formats will be considered e.g. panel discussion and debates. The abstracts of the presentations should be submitted together with the session template and follow the regular abstract format.”
So there is some flexibility.

The proposals must be written in English and submitted as a Word file under the following headings:

  1. Title
  2. Organiser(s): individual name(s), institution, organisation, EV batch, consortium… and addresses
  3. Purpose and objective (max. 100 words).
  4. Chair(s): name, affiliation, addresses
  5. Coordinators and contact person (max. 2): name, affiliation, addresses, email, phone
  6. Format (presentations, debate, round table discussion… Please specify duration of parts)
  7. Speakers: names, affiliations, address, title, funding of attendance
  8. Expected number of attendees
  9. Special remarks or requests
  10. Finally, the abstracts of all the proposed talks in the Organised Session must be added to the application. These abstracts must be written according to these instructions: Author Guidelines. Do NOT submit these abstracts via the online abstract submission platform.

After you have gone through this general webpage (on ECTMIH organized sessions), some additional info & requirements to keep in mind for the EV panel session:

Specific Requirements for the EV organized session

  1. Make sure that at least EV alumni from 3 different countries are involved in the session. Ideally, from three different WHO regions (but that’s optional)
  2. If presentations are based on abstracts, the same abstracts should NOT be submitted  simultaneously or separately for the regular tracks or sessions. Do NOT submit these abstracts via the online abstract submission platform.
  3. Aim for a good balance between presentations and discussion. A maximum of 3-4 abstracts/presentations.
  4. Try to make it a lively session/format – adding some of the EV “DNA”.
  5. Keep in mind that some “senior” EV alumni will also be there (like Prashanth, Raoul, Seye, …) – You might want to give them a role in the session (for example as facilitator in a fishbowl or so) (optional).

Procedure for application

Send this (completed) Word-file to Annelies De Potter (ITM)  adepotter@itg.be  by 30 April.  The file should contain all info on the session (see 1-10) as well as the 3-4 abstracts  (if the session is one based on presentations). (PS: we will allow for some finetuning of abstracts later on –  till the end of May)

Review & notification

  1. The sessions of different “EV alumni teams” will be assessed by a small review panel, consisting of Wim Van Damme (ITM), Prashanth NS (IPH Bangalore & EV chair), Raoul Bermejo & one other EV governance member.
  2. A final selection will be made by 15 May and then the respective EV teams will be notified of the result – including, obviously, which team gets the slot.
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