Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) is an innovative multi-partner blended training program that includes face-to-face training and virtual training components, for young, promising and emerging health policy & systems researchers, decision-makers and other health system professionals with an interest in becoming influential global health voices and/or local change makers, particularly in LMIC. 

In this call, we focus on the election of new governance members that needs to happen in the coming weeks. As in the past, these will be ‘partial’ elections, in order to maintain some institutional memory. Still, most governance members have retired after the Colombia venture, and thus need to be replaced. Only for the European region and African region (Anglophone seat), the representative stays  

on for another term. (For more info on the EV governance board (including reform), see the last  section.) 

The new governance board will comprise of eight seats representing different regions – 6 WHO  regions, with Africa having 2 seats (Anglo- and Franco-phone), due to the comparatively extensive number of EV alumni from the region; and also one (new) seat, the “Global Seat”. The elections are  open to elect six representatives for the following regions: 

  1. African region: 1 Seat for the Francophone 
  2. Americas region: 1 Seat 
  3. Western Pacific region: 1 Seat 
  4. Eastern Mediterranean region: 1 Seat 
  5. South & East Asia 
  6. Global: 1 seat 

PS: For info on WHO regions, see https://www.who.int/countries 

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