Request for proposals for hosting the EV4GH secretariat


The Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) is a capacity building initiative to transform young Health Policy & Systems Research (HPSR) researchers into influential voices in global health. It began to empower researchers from the global South through online and face-to-face training, enabling them to engage in global health conferences. The initiative has grown with partner institutions and cohorts, enrolling over 325 “Emerging Voices” from various events. EV alumni contribute to global health discussions through publications and participation in conferences. In 2015, EV4GH established an independent governance structure and became a thematic working group of Health Systems Global.

The EV4GH secretariat, crucial for network activities, currently seeks host applications for 2023-2026.

Duties and Responsibilities of the EV4GH Secretariat

  1. Manage day-to-day EV4GH network operations, including planning activities.
  2. Handle reporting, both financial and narrative, and coordinate venture reports.
  3. Manage multiple funders and funding streams.
  4. Organize Governance Board meetings and annual meetings.
  5. Maintain EV website and engage in social media.
  6. Assist in EV networking and group emails.
  7. Coordinate biannual HSG online webinars.
  8. Support biennial EV ventures, like planning, fundraising, and coordination.
  9. Assist venture Taskforces: Call & Selection, Distance Learning, Face-to-face.
  10. Coordinate and steer EV alumni Taskforces.
  11. Conduct EV elections every 2 years.
  12. Assist in fundraising for EV4GH network and ventures.

Proposal Submission

The proposal should follow the page limits below (font size 11, single-spaced) plus budget and relevant annexes and should address the following:

Section A: Specification of interest – why the applicant organisation is interested in hosting the secretariat, and how the EV4GH secretariat role fits in with existing institutional goals and ongoing work of the organisation. (1 page)

Section B: Vision of the role of the Secretariat – description of the role by the Secretariat, and applicant’s vision for the future development of EV4GH. (2 pages) 

Section C: Demonstration of institutional capacity – applicant’s institutional capabilities to manage a secretariat of this nature; prior experience in managing international initiatives and/or health systems research initiatives; and capacity to convene stakeholders, and support exchange, fundraising, and communications. (2 pages)

Section D: Proposed organizational structure and budget – proposed organization of the EV4GH secretariat. List of key positions within the secretariat, the roles that these key positions would play and personnel who would serve in these roles, and anticipated time commitment of each position across venture and non-venture years. Explain accountability and reporting structures within the secretariat. (3 pages)

In an annex (not included in the page limit), please provide CVs for all anticipated staff in key positions (maximum 2 pages per CV). 

Budget: a detailed budget that breaks down the budget according to staff costs, office administration, travel, communications, overheads. For staff, clearly, indicate how much time each staff member would spend on secretariat work and what their salary levels are. Provide a budget justification as necessary and unpack the budget for the transition period as applicable. (Excel file, not included in the page limit)

Evidence of economic and financial capacity: Minimum level of capacity – Average yearly turnover of the last two financial years. Provision of annual reports and audit reports would be an advantage. (Copy of the profit and loss accounts and balance sheets for the last two years for which accounts have been closed from each concerned entity, or, failing that, appropriate statements from banks. The most recent year must have been closed within the last 18 months. Not included in the page limit)

Recruitment and term of office

The board will select a new EV4GH secretariat through an open and competitive process, using assessment criteria. The appointment will be for 3 years, renewable based on performance appraisal and board’s agreement. The board has final oversight over the appointment process and all decisions will be final. 

Submission procedure

Please submit your proposal by email to Ms Min Dai, by 1730hrs(CET) on 30th September 2023.

Contact and address:

Ms Min Dai

Administrative staff, Department of Public Health 
Nationalestraat 155, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

For full details of the EV4GH secretariat call, please download using the icon below


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EV4GH Secretariat call timeline


August 18, 2023 Request for proposals published 
September 30, 2023 –  Deadline for proposal submission 
October 01 – October 15, 2023 –  Evaluation of applications and final decision by the board 
October – November 2023 Onboarding and transition period for the secretariat


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