EV2020 updates due to COVID-19

There has been a delay in the selection process of EV2020, due to the on-going COVID-19 situation. We were awaiting a decision from Health Systems Global regarding the symposium. An announcement has now been made. The Health Systems Research Symposium 2020 will be held as a global virtual event. 

Accordingly, the EV4GH governance members have decided that this edition of EV4GH will take place virtually. Only the distance learning (DL) phase of the EV program will be held in 2020. The face-to-face phase of the program may be held mid-to-late 2021 depending on the circumstances. There is no assurance of the same at this stage. The selection of EVs will proceed as planned and all the applicants will be informed of the results before the end of June. 

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Call for applications for Emerging Voices for Global Health 2020

Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) is an innovative multi-partner blended training program for young, promising and emerging health policy & systems researchers, decision makers and other health system actors with an interest to become influential global health voices and/or local change makers. EV4GH coaches “Emerging Voices” to participate actively in international conferences where global health issues are addressed and to raise their voice in scientific and policy debates. The EV4GH program is managed by an internationally representative governance committee consisting of EV alumni elected by previous EV4GH participants and several invited (liaison) members from EV partner institutes.

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The Emerging Voices for Global Health residency programme for researchers 2019

The EV secretariat at the Institute of Public Health, Bangalore and the Institute of Tropical Medicine,
Antwerp would like to provide an opportunity for young to midcareer researchers to spend
dedicated time in the form of a residency at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium.

The call is open only for alumni of the Emerging Voices for Global Health programme from one of the cohorts between 2010-2018.

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