As the third Emerging Voices venture came to an end in Cape Town last week, the first outputs are pouring in for dissemination. As a start, check out the videos of

Dr Abdoul Risgou on Pulmonary impairment, Disability and Quality of Life after Tubercolosis

Dr Arsene Kypangon on Risk Factors of TB treatment failure in Benin

Wilfried Djobbenou on The impact of Psychological Manifestationis in HIV+

Frederick Morfaw on Male participation in prevention PMTCT

Abdoulaye Seye on Using BNA approach to strengthen the monitoring system

Stephanie M Topp on Has HIV scale-up improved accountability in primary health centres?

Dr. Joseph Enegela (Nigeria) on The presence of TB at the Initiation of ART, predicts retention in care

Kurfi Abubakar Muhammed on the Challenges of coordinating the HIV/AIDS response in Nigeria

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