EV 2013 venture coming to an end

As the third Emerging Voices venture came to an end in Cape Town last week, the first outputs are pouring in for dissemination. As a start, check out the videos of Dr Abdoul Risgou on Pulmonary impairment, Disability and Quality of Life after Tubercolosis Dr Arsene Kypangon on Risk Factors of TB treatment failure in Benin […]

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Interviews with EV2013 about the EV venture

We have asked some of our EV2013 participants in Cape Town how they felt about the EV venture, what their thoughts were on the training, and what they have learned throughout the distance phase and face-to-face phase of the program. The first interview is with Michael Iroezindu from Nigeria, an infectious diseases physician. The second […]

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EV2014 distance coaching begins

Since 2012, the Emerging Voices ventures consisted of two components: a distance learning phase and a face-to-face phase. This week marks the beginning of the distance coaching phase of the EV 2014 venture. The distance learning component is built up of nine elements; four of these being thematic discussions where the EVs will participate in […]

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