EV monthly discussion – Vaccine access and pandemic readiness: How is vaccination currently going in your country?

A number of countries, especially in the Global South, saw low vaccination rates the better part of last year.  But towards the end, there was a surge  of deliveries with about 300 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines shipped to 144 low- and middle-income countries. Increasingly, supply seems less of a problem, fortunately, but logistics, uptake […]

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EV 2020 in Dubai: An exhilarating venture by Topistar Karani

We all have bucket list destinations around the world and for me, Dubai was worth ticking off the list. As the new EV secretariat  (the African Population and Health Research Centre) since a few months, my colleague Francis and I began our preparations for the Emerging Voices for Global Health 2020 venture in Dubai. The […]

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The pandemic cohort: EV2020 Face-to-face stage in Dubai – by Radhika Arora

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